BOOK REVIEW: Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher

So I have this friend, Cate.  She is a filthy Red Devil (MUFC Fan – more later), but she has a pretty great book blog.  She posted a Reading Challenge on Facebook awhile back and then the shit talking started.  Then it happened:  She agreed to let me choose a book for her in exchange for choosing a book for me.

I chose a wonderful book for her by the esteemed Author Zlatan Ibrahimovic.  For me, she chose Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher aka Princess Leia.  The book is touted as a “hilariously funny memoir” and, while I wouldn’t go that far, I enjoyed the book very much.  During her press tours for the most recent Star Wars movie, her responses to inane interview questions quickly nominated her for a spot on the “People I’d love to hang out with” list.  In Wishful Drinking, she candidly speaks about mental illness, her life growing up in the fishbowl created by her famous parents and other parts of her life that I was not aware of.  She was married to Paul Simon!  Who knew?  And don’t tell me you because I will call you on that bullshit all day.

But what I loved most about the book is her down to earth, matter of fact way of talking about things that some wouldn’t acknowledge – like the fact that countless images of Princess Leia in the legendary gold bikini still serve as sexual fodder for boys of all ages to this day.  I don’t have a thumbs up / stars system in place yet, but I do recommend this book quite highly.  Cate will be pleased.

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